Architect and Develop your Enterprise Cloud

Why should businesses consider building their own Enterprise Cloud? Software vendors are moving towards a Cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) model. But for many businesses that means placing their data and that of their clients at risk. An Enterprise Cloud leverages the cost benefits without compromising control and ownership.

Maintaining Ownership and Control of Applications and Data on the Cloud

Moving from an on-premise data centre to leverage the cost benefits of internet based services is not a trivial decision. Many IT software applications and infrastructure systems environments tend to be complex by nature. Critical to any business enterprise is maintaining ownership and control over its application and data.

We understand the need of large enterprises to manage complexity. The Integretis open architecture approach and platform was designed with the complexity of large enterprises in mind along with the challenges of moving to the Cloud. Integretis was established with a view to helping businesses leverage the Cloud without compromising ownership and control.

Its portal strategy and platform builds on an open architecture that has supported Information Technology (IT) projects and operations since the 1990s. Experience with IT application development projects and operations has led to the design of an enterprise systems architecture. One that has evolved over nearly 3 decades of changes in technology and the way we do business.

Enterprise Portal Platform

The Enterprise Portal spans a global business and communities. Enterprises need better integration between websites, intranets, online services, mobile applications and software applications.

Portal Development Architecture and Platform

Our enterprise portal architecture enables enterprises to move quickly towards implementation and deployment into the cloud and mobile applications. The Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Cloud Platform, Modular Applications and Mobile Development Framework has continously evolved over 3 decades of development projects. We have leveraged a proven metadata driven approach to building modular applications on an integrated platform. This is key to lowering the cost of software development without compromising quality.

Systems Integration Services and Platform

We are technology agnostic and work across various platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Open Source technologies. We also have experience across a wide range of enterprise technologies including different programming languages and product solutions. Our approach is to managed Enterprise Systems with sound Systems Integration, Middleware and Service Orientated Architecture. Our open architecture, methodology and software solutions have evolved through decades of project experience. We have worked with large enterprises across various industry sectors.

Software Development Methodology

We have adapted our practices and tools to support both Agile Software Development and Structured Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management. Our toolsets and methodology include User Experience Design, Software Architecture Frameworks, Metadata Management, Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE), Object Orientation, Service Orientated Architecture and Database Development, Management and Support.

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Niche Applications and Cloud Services

We have developed a number of niche applications and services. Integretis powers a number of services, start up initiatives, cloud services, business-2-business, business-2-consumer, micro-services, digital, social media and online services and applications for small medium enterprises, non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

Partnering to Develop Applications and Services

We have worked with software entrepreneurs and start up visionaries as the software development and technical partner on a number of applications and services. These span a number of different business and services model such as public and non-governmental, community services, retail, small business applications, media and entertainment, e-learning, financial services and banking and mobile apps.

Balance of Skills

Our Software Factory model enables the use of junior and lower cost skills as part of a well defined software development process. Our approach balances junior, intermediary and senior levels of software development skills to provide optimum development team configurations. We also assist IT to balance internal development teams with effective outsourced development.

Software Programming Apprenticeship

We have leveraged a Software Programming Apprenticeship that has ran for over 10 years and assists youths from disadvantaged communities. Software programming has become a scarce skill which has been in demand for many years. There has been a shortage of software developers for some time and the only way to address this issue is to invest in apprenticeship programs. We have aimed and contributed on average to producing at least 10 young programmers a year for the past 10 years into the community. This has also allowed us to establish our own network of software developers.

Software Development Services

We tailor our software development services and solutions for unique circumstances and needs.

   Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Portal Solution
   Custom Software Development Projects
   Niche Application and Cloud Services
   Architecture and Development Services

Ultimately our aim is to create business value and reduce the costs of software development.

Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Portal Solution

We have a comprehensive set of platforms, solutions and services to assist enterprises to architect and develop their Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Portals. Our platforms can be licensed to reduce development costs and combined with our software development services. We provide a comprehensive set of solutions and services from architecture consulting and solution design to development and a turn-key and outsourced service.

Custom Software Development Projects

We quote on custom software development projects on a per project basis at a very competitive basis. With over 20 years of experience in large scale software development projects at an enterprise level, we have proven tools and processes. These are designed to assist Chief Information Officers, Development Teams, Project Managers and senior IT managers to deliver on software projects.

Niche Application and Cloud Services

For those wanting to create revenue generating portals and cloud services, we provide a comprehensive set of solutions and services. We can design, develop, deploy, maintain and support software applications on a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Services model.

Architecture and Development Services

For enterprises with a complex systems environment, we can provide specialists architecture services for integration and automation. We provide an architecture and solution that integrates with a hybrid mix of technologies and platforms.

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