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Website Platform
From $50 Per Month

A basic and affordable digital platform instance for your personal or branded website. Evolve it as your requirements change over time.

  • Ideal for: Building a branded website ( domain and for personal use (manage your files, notes, reminders, schedule, etc.).
  • Platform Capability: Domain Platform to Build a Digital Presence
  • Portal Design: Branded Website with Personal or Owner Account
  • User Accounts: 1 Admin and User Account
  • Digital Workspace: Personal Tools (Files, Notes, Calendaring, Reminders and more ...)
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Website Platform
Community Platform

Community Platform
From $100 Per Month

The Community Platform includes a set of tools and support services to create a dynamic portal for your community.

  • Ideal for: building a community of followers, members, brand supporters and providing value added content and services.
  • Platform Capability: Community Platform to Build a Community
  • Portal Design: Branded Community with Member Accounts
  • User Accounts: 1 Admin and 100 Free Members Accounts
  • Digital Workspace: Community Tools (Personal Tools for Users plus Shared Files, Knowledge Base, Interactions and more.)
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Commerce Platform
From $250 Per Month

A platform to support e-commerce for selling products and services.

  • Ideal for: Customer or Client self-service portals and e-commerce.
  • Platform Capability: Commerce Platform to Build a Revenue Stream
  • Portal Design: Retail Customer or Client Service Portals with Customer and Client Accounts
  • User Accounts: 1 Admin and 100 Free Customer Accounts
  • Digital Workspace: Commerce Tools (Personal and Community tools plus Transactions, and more.)
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Commerce Platform
Workgroup Platform

Workgroup Platform
From $500 Per Month

Use our Workgroup Platform and Workspace to help you and your workgroup to collaborate.

  • Ideal for: Workgroups or business units in a company or group members collaborating remotely.
  • Platform Capability: Workgroup Platform to Build a Workgroup Collaboration
  • Portal Design: Portal with Workgroup Accounts
  • User Accounts: 1 Admin and 10 Free Workgroup User Accounts
  • Digital Workspace: Workgroup Tools (Shared Files, Interactions, Workflow, and more.)
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Business Platform
and Workspace
From $1,000 Per Month

The Business Platform facilitates the digital transformation of a business organization.

  • Ideal for: Businesses with under 100 employees, single company or office structure (not holding group).
  • Platform Capability: Business Platform to Implement Business Processes
  • Portal Design: Staff Intranet Portals with Staff Accounts
  • User Accounts: 1 Admin and 30 Free Business User Accounts
  • Digital Workspace: Business Tools (Policy and Procedures, Workflow, and more.)
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Business Platform
Enterprise Platform

Enterprise Platform
From $3,500 Per Month

The Enterprise Platform is a cost effective "IT as a Service" platform for larger enterprises. Reduce your IT costs to a tenth of your budget.

  • Ideal for: Medium to large organizations with 100 or more employees, many business units, branches, sites, business systems.
  • Platform Capability: Enterprise Platform to support process automation and systems integration.
  • Portal Design: Multiple Enterprise Portals with limitless User Accounts
  • User Accounts: Limitless User Accounts
  • Digital Workspace: Enterprise Tools (Configuration and Middleware, and more.)
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Personal Platform
Community Platform
Commerce Platform
Workgroup Platform
Business Platform
Enterprise Platform

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